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Electric cars are here to stay! EV auto sales are increasing by over 40 percent annually. Which public companies will benefit the most? Most of Europe, China, and 10 states in the US have already mandated that 100% of motor vehicles will be zero emissions by either the year 2030 or 2035. Worldwide car sales were around 66.7 million vehicles in 2021 and that number continues to rise. With EVs attributing to only around 5% of that number it is estimated that by the year 2035 over 100 million zero emissions vehicles will be being manufactured annually. The success of Tesla both as a profitable company leading the EV revolution, and as a stock that has seen mind boggling valuations making it the most valuable automotive manufacturer in the world and its founder Elon Musk the richest man in the world has spawned a number of new companies entering the space. Tesla stock (TSLA) is however widely considered to be grotesquely overpriced and is volatile to herd selloffs as was illustrated by it losing over 125 billion in value in just one day last week. It may be a better idea to buy a Tesla vehicle than to purchase its stock. Although some are backed by major manufactures such as Volvos Rivian (RIVN) who has struggled, most of the newcomers will not be successful. One company E-Cite Motors (VAPR) has significant advantages over the others giving it a much better chance to thrive. This is due to three major factors. 1. The cost and time required to meet and certify all of the safety and emissions regulations are very cost prohibitive requiring many vehicles to be destroyed in the process. This is a high contributor in the time to bring a new design from inception to showroom which is typically 3 to 5 years. Under a special exemption E-Cite (VAPR) is not required to meet any of the safety or other costly certifications of a traditional auto manufacturer making the ease and timeline of offering new vehicles to market significantly more favorable. 2. Building a manufacturing facility capable of mass-producing vehicles is extremely capital intensive and time consuming. Once a facility has been built, the fixed overhead is very large and does not change much based on actual vehicles produced. E-Cite does not need to build a traditional plant to produce its vehicles but rather they are using modern micro-factories and on demand production techniques that will scale up or down depending on the actual demand and or supply issues 3. With all major manufacturers developing EV versions of their popular models, it will be difficult for new companies to stand out against established brands. We will see how the rather dull Rivian pickup fares against the less expensive, better performing, Ford F-150 Lightning electric or the Chevy Silverado EV. Perhaps of most interest is that E-Cite (VAPR) is building stylish vehicles reminiscent of nostalgic iconic cars from the past designed by legendary designer Gene Langmesser. One thing is for sure, given Genes background and reputation, E-Cites cars will not only differentiate themselves from the mundane but stand out and inspire a passion that has been void from much of the cookie cutter vehicles of today. For more on E-Cite and an interview with Gene Langmesser visit
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VAPR E-Cite Acquires N2A Motors Assets - Gene Langmesser Appointed COO and Joins the Board of Directors VAPR E-Cite Motors Secures 2.2 Million Dollar Facility and Acquires Acclaimed Auto Repair Supporting its' EV Auto Manufacturer VAPR Acquires E-Cite Motors an EV Auto Manufacturer with a Key Advantage over Others