This week on Under The Radar Minute we identify little known public companies that in 2020 outperformed giants such as FaceBook, Google, Bitcoin, and even Tesla.
Glucose Health Inc. is a functional beverage company, which manufactures healthy beverages for America’s burgeoning population of 80 million plus diabetics including GLUCODOWN® – America’s premier diabetic nutritional beverage available nationwide at Walmart, CVS and reporting month after month record sales on Amazon. With beverage industry giants like Pepsi and Dr. Pepper/ Snapple) spending billions to offset declining soda sales, by acquiring the upstart beverage companies, at astonishing multiples, making the new healthy drinks today’s consumers demand…there has never been a better time to capitalize on the red-hot functional beverage sector. Glucose Health Inc. was one of the top performing companies of 2020 yet still very much “Under The Radar“ Recently reporting a record new year after a doubling of gross margins in 2020 GLUC has seen over a fifty times price increase since we first covered them last year. With new product lines and expanding distribution on-deck for 2021, prospects look to be even brighter. More on GLUC from Under The Radar Minute Here
ReelTime VR trading under symbol RLTR, A technology media Innovator who holds what experts have called one of the key cornerstone Patents that will shape the entire Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed reality industry. With virtually all the technology and social media giants investing heavily with varying strategies, the one thing that they are all chasing as the “Holy Grail” are a few key cornerstone Patents. The first of the significant cornerstone patents that control the Intellectual property of capturing and distributing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality was owned by Oculus which made up the majority of its 2-Billion-dollar price tag that Facebook ponied up. Apples purchase of NextVR for 100 million is rumoured to be primarily in order to gain control of another cornerstone technology patent. Although the original technology of ReelTime’s patent allows any cell phone or other camera to instantaneously capture 360 X 360 Virtual Reality Video without any need for stitching, the patent provides protection from infringement from any capturing of a plurality of images utilizing at least one mirror. This spans a wide range of industries and uses and is likely currently being infringed upon,and would need to be licensed by numerous larger players. It is speculated that this enforcement may prove to be even more valuable than the technology itself. ReelTime has also recently announced that they have formally applied to NASDAQ, been assigned the rare two-letter symbol "RT" , has hired auditors, signed a technology license agreement, and begun making acquisitions as part of the uplisting. More on RLTR from Under The Radar Minute Here
Conservative Broadcast Media & Journalism trading under symbol CBMJ. With an increasing demand for uncensored news and candid commentary representing the conservative side of the population CBMJ’s broadcast, media and journalism portals providing radio, television, web, and print delivery of conservative news and commentary are poised to capture this flood of consumers and the advertisers targeting those consumers who find they are no longer able to get the information they want from many of their previous sources. CBMJ recently announced record monthly revenues in excess of $250,000 and the completion of crucial acquisitions of,, and . CBMJ now also owns the increasingly popular TV radio, and social media segment "The Schaftlein Report" hosted by economic analyst and political commentator Mark Schaftlein. More on CBMJ from Under The Radar Minute Here
This week on Under The Radar Minute we identify little known public companies that in 2020 outperformed giants such as FaceBook, Google, Bitcoin, and even Tesla.
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Jan 28, 2021 ReelTime Engages Pinnacle Accountancy Group of Utah to Complete NASDAQ Listing Requirement of Independently Audited Financials Jan 13, 2021 ReelTime Grants Global Exclusive Perpetual Technology License to Baristas Munchie Magic Securing Ongoing Revenues Jan 6, 2021 ReelTime Quarterly Revenues Increase Nearly 70% Over Previous Period and 25% Over Same Period 2019 Nov 12, 2020 ReelTime Receives NASDAQ Approval Reserving Rare Two Letter Ticker Symbol "RT"
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