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This week on Under the Radar, we look at the renewable energy industry and a little known company named Blue Biofuels, trading under the symbol BIOF Blue Biofuels may hold the key to a biofuels revolution making sustainable and environmentally friendly energy production a reality. BIOF has a primary patent and multiple additional patents pending for a revolutionary new technology process that converts ordinary plant material such as grasses, yard waste and other plant based waste into sugars that can then be used to create ethanol and other biofuels. Blue Biofuels recently proved the scalability of its patented technology that converts abundantly available plant material and agricultural waste in a CO2 neutral and environmentally friendly manner into fuels for transportation and aviation. Blue Biofuels Cellulose-to-Sugar (CTS) technology is an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and renewable green energy system. The CTS process has a near-zero carbon footprint that can convert virtually any plant material – like grasses or agricultural waste -- into sugars and lignin. Sugars are subsequently processed into biofuels and lignin may be further processed into specialty chemicals or ion exchange resins. The CTS process is a patented and proprietary technology wholly owned by Blue Biofuels. Blue Biofuels’ management believes that biofuel originating from the Company’s CTS process will be eligible to receive the US EPA’s generous D3 cellulosic Renewable Fuel Credits. The D3 credit is currently around $2.43/gallon of ethanol, which could provide income in addition to that from ethanol sales. This incentive is offered to all domestic cellulosic fuel producers whose fuel is used in the transportation industry. The Environmental Protection Agency’s revised mandate for cellulosic ethanol is 770 million gallons for 2022. Biomass is nature’s battery and is extremely abundant around the world. It is estimated that 8 billion tons of biomass could be sustainably harvested each year. This is sufficient plant-based feedstock suitable for the BIOF process to replace half the transportation fuel used in the world. Blue Biofuels has a game-changing technology and a management team with a proven track record. The Blue Biofuel’s management team is led by a successful CEO with extensive entrepreneurial experience who has already taken three promising young companies with revolutionary technologies from initial concept through to a high multiplier sale to industry giants. Having recently restructured the company financially and having a sound balance sheet with little debt on the books, BIOF is well positioned to expand their science and generate revenues within the lucrative Biofuels sector. Do your research now on BIOF
Blue Biofuels Reports Successful Volume Testing of its Cellulose-to- Sugar Process on Latest Reactor System 8/25/2022 Re-N-Vision Awarded Department of Energy Grant to Test and Develop Blue Biofuels’ CTS Technology in Equitable Energy Transition 8/4/2022 Blue Biofuels, Inc. announces that OTC Markets has approved the Company for listing on its OTCQB exchange as of May 13, 2022. 5/16/2022 Blue Biofuels Partners with Leading Machine Builder K.R. Komarek to Build Blue Biofuels’ CTS Machines accelerating and solidifying the scale-up and commercialization of Blue Biofuels’ patented Cellulose-to-Sugar (“CTS”) process for the production of cellulosic ethanol and sustainable aviation fuel. 5/4/2022
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The Blue Biofuels Technology The innovative cellulose-to-sugar (CTS) process has the potential to change the future of fuel on a global scale. Better for people and the planet, it’s a climate-friendly option that keeps cars on the road and planes in the sky while keeping trees green and the air clean. For more information on The Three Pillars of revolutionizing Biofuels visit the Blue Biofuels website HERE
The Future Of Fuel Blue Biofuels developed a scalable technology system that uses inexpensive, abundant feedstocks to create carbon-friendly biofuels through a patented cellulose-to-sugar process, producing ethanol and converting to sustainable transportation and aviation fuel. — all with the environment in mind. For more information on BIOF biofuel development visit the Blue Biofuels website HERE