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In the, high growth, Functional Beverage sector with beverage industry giants like Pepsi and Dr. Pepper-Snapple investing billions to offset declining soda sales by acquiring the upstart beverage companies making the new healthy drinks today’s consumers demand….there has never been a better time to capitalize on the red-hot FUNCTIONAL BEVERAGE sector. Right now, there are a number of publicly-traded companies with strong revenue growth and innovative new functional beverage products which are ideal candidates for investor’s consideration. Companies such as Glucose Health, Inc.  – GLUC - which manufacturers a “diabetic- friendly” iced tea sold nation-wide in 1800 Walmart pharmacies.  With impressive triple- digit year-over-year revenue growth, an expanding product line-up…and 84 million potential customers with pre-diabetes…savvy investors need to take an in-depth look at Glucose Health – GLUC! Today, consumers are looking for beverages to offer far more than just satisfying thirst. The beverage industry’s product response has come to be known as functional beverages. The first and still No. 1 functional beverage market category is energy drinks, but conscious of the precipitous declines in diet soda sales and the uncomfortable fact that most energy drinks are laden with sugar and caffeine, PepsiCo and Dr. Pepper/Snapple are introducing revamped drinks featuring natural sweeteners and energy stimulating plant-based extracts – instead of caffeine. The impressive growth potential of functional tea beverages is no surprise to early investors in two functional tea beverage start-ups acquired recently acquired for huge multiples of their revenues.  Bai Brands is illustrative.  The company started in the proverbial basement of CEO Ben Weiss’ home in Princeton, NJ in 2009.  For more than year Weiss worked to perfect his antioxidant functional tea beverage.  According to WebMD, antioxidants can play a positive role in reducing cell damage and are helpful in variety of conditions including arthritis, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s.  Bai Brands received its big break when Costco began carrying its products. Then, building on its success at Costco, Weiss convinced other retailers to pick up the brand. In mid-2016, Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group Inc. purchased Bai Brands LLC for $1.7 billion.  Strong revenues and product expansion into a growing consumer audience warrants a closer look at Glucose Health Inc. Do your research now on GLUC and be among the first to recognize this opportunity.
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 Glucose Health® Fortified Iced Teas offer three compelling benefits for pre-diabetic consumers.
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1. Clinically-Proven – Glucose Health® “Fortified” Iced Teas are blended with Fibersol®-2, a unique 100% soluble fiber, years of clinical studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals indicate, have beneficial functional impacts on blood sugar, and digestive health. 2. Natural Ingredients – Glucose Health® “Fortified” Iced teas are also blended with natural botanicals – the plant-based extracts considered by many to be holistic remedies for diabetes and healthy blood sugar.   3. Price – Glucose Health® “Fortified” Iced Teas offer true value for money – retailing for $12 for a 60-day container – just 20 cents per serving.
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“Today, consumers are looking for beverages to offer far more than just satisfying thirst, they are looking for a Functional Beverage”
August 1, 2017 New "Diabetic-Friendly" Glucose Health(R) "Fortified" Iced Tea Mix in Lemon, Peach & Raspberry Glucose Health, Inc, today offered consumers a preview of new Glucose Health(R) "Fortified" Iced Tea - three great-tasting iced tea mixes "fortified" with added, clinically proven and natural ingredients, July 26, 2017 Only at Walmart" TV Advertising Increases Glucose Health(R) Sales 18% Sales of Glucose Health(R) at Walmart increased to 2699 containers - an 18% increase - during the four-week period of the "Only at Walmart" campaign,
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